about our store

about our store

For over 30 years, Freehand Gallery has been devoted to Fine American Craft. We currently represent over 300 artists who live and work in the United States.

From the famous artist to the emerging artist - and from coast to coast - our eclectic group of fine craftsmen and artists has filled Freehand Gallery with a spectacular and unique array of one of a kind gifts you'll be proud to give (and tempted to keep!). You will consistently find a wide range of handmade ceramics, handblown glass, hand crafted wood, fiber-based work including clothing and accessories, metal-based art and jewelry finely crafted using precious and semi-precious stones.

With art objects ranging from functional to decorative and from traditional to modern, there will always be something new and interesting to discover. Whether you choose to shop online or in person, our knowledgeable gallery staff are ready to help you with your shopping needs.

With an emphasis on functional craft and a commitment to serving the Los Angeles community, I opened Freehand on West Third Street in 1980, when the neighborhood was just beginning to undergo a revival. Despite warnings that a store carrying handmade pieces could not survive, I was determined to offer the finest craft to what soon became a loyal clientele.

There were no other shops like Freehand at that time and the customers welcomed the opportunity to own pieces made by artists whom they came to know. I like to think of Freehand as a family where the customers are as important as the artists. In what has become a fast-paced, drag and drop world, Freehand is a haven where there is only one degree of separation between the maker and the client.

If you find yourself in Los Angeles, please visit us at our original location on West Third Street. If you prefer to shop online, enjoy browsing the website and contact us if you have questions.
We love to talk to our customers!

-Carol Sauvion

List of all artists represented at our store location:

Tana Acton
Jane Adam
Wyatt Amend
Lucia Antonelli
Posey Bacopoulos
Andy Balmer
Denise Barr
Jim Bassler
Veralee Bassler
Jo Baxter
Michael Bayes
Hayne Bayless
Garry Knox Bennett
Alla Berkovich
Doris Blum
Deborah Boskin
Sonja Bradley
Bill Burch
Kit Carson
Loren Celedonia
Kay Chapman
Simma Chester
Petra Class
Deborah Cross
Lisa Crowder
Leah Danberg
Kathleen Dautel
Randall Darwall
Claudia Dean
Amanda Dobbratz
Karen Donleavy
Ena Dubnoff
Ashka Dymel
Tim Earling
Paul and Laurel Eshelman
Mary Filapek & Lou Ann Townsend
Debbie Fisher
Ford and Forlano
Jenny Foulkes
Rebecka Froberg
Vanessa Gade
Kathlean Gahagan
Janna Noel Gantt
Nancy Gardner
Susan Garson
Kimberly Geiser
Karen Genet
Alice Gibbons
Glass Act
John Glick
Aimee Golant
Joanna Gollberg
Gabrielle Gould
Claudia Grau
Soula Groumoutis
David Gurney
Hiro Hara
Heartwood Creations
Mark Hewitt
Lenny Hoch
Pam Hogarth
Karin Jacobson
Sally Jaffe
Scott Jennings
Eric Jensen
Jefferson Woodworking
Hal Johnson
Peggy Johnson
Sally Jones
Tom Killion
Ashley Kim
Zuzana Korbelarova
Suzane Kustner
Lynda Ladwig
Penny Larsen
Gina Lawson
Nancy Lemay
Nikki Lewis
Kate Lindsay
Michele Lippert
Robert Liu
Ken & Dona Look (Loeber + Look)
Magally Lopez
Sydney Lynch
Thomas Mann
Courtney Martin
Karen McCreary
Jean Meinhardt
Vanessa Mellet
Hannah Meredith
Christine Metro
Jackie Mirabel
Valerie Mitchell
Karla Mock
Motawi Tileworks
Stephen Myhre
Sarah Myriam
Marilee Nielson
Rochelle Niemerow
Cac Ninh
Nobuhito Nishigawara
Barbara Noble
Hong Noe
Michael Nowack
Hiromi Oda
Jeff Oestreich
Mary Oligny
Daniel Oliver
Jeanne Oster
Thomas Pakele
Vince Palacios
Glynis Palazuelos
Pascale Pass
Michael Pellitieri
Pewabic Pottery
Pine Wind Shibori
Joe Pintz
Deborah Polonoff
Jugtown Pottery
Sally Prangley
Jon Price
Bree Richey
Meghan Patrice Riley
Holly Rittenhouse
Michael Rohde
Romulus Craft
Joyce Rooks
Connie Rosenthal
Allyson Ross
David Ross
Kathleen Royster
Susie Rubenstein
Russell Greenslade Design
Kathleen Ryall
Don Ryan
Britt Rynearson
Dick Sakahara
Terri St. Romain
Eiko Sanders
Sunny Scarlett
Jan Schachter
Biba Schutz
Cindy Searles
Casey Sharpe
Peter Sheldon
Robert Siegel
Stephen Sidelinger
Kiff Slemmons
John Henry Souza
Ruth Katzenstein Souza
Lisa Ann Sparks
Eilen Stewart
Joy Stocksdale
Meredith Strauss
Randy Stromsoe
Studio Paran
Studio Vesce
Loretta Sutherland
Karin Swildens
Kazuki Takizawa
Sam Taylor
Shoko Teruyama
Leslie Thompson
Carolyn Tillie
Daniel and M. Tolkoff
Sandra Torres
John Trujillo
Elaine Unzicker
David Van Noppen
Ellen Vener
Joseph Vorgity
Wendy Walker
Julia Walther
Rob Watt
Robert Weil
Dave Wheeler
Geoffrey Wheeler
Mark White
Pamela Whitlock
Wild Apples
Dave Williams
Dave and Robert Williamson
Sarah Wilson
Edward Wohl
Petra Wouters
Carly Wright
Dave Wulfeck
Susan Shutt Wulfeck
Hitomi Yamamuro
Lucia Yang
Michael Yglesias
Muffy Young
Rebecca Zelis
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