featured artist: joy stocksdale

featured artist: joy stocksdale

Joy Stocksdale has been involved in the textile arts since 1965 and her work has included all types of needlework, weaving, painting and printing on fabric. She received a BFA degree from California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California. As a result of studying textiles and a monoprint technique in England at Goldsmith’s College of the University of London in 1979, she developed polychromatic printing.

The polychromatic process simplifies screen printing on fabric or paper, because, unlike traditional screen printing, the entire image is printed at the same time, rather than in several stages, using separate screens for each color. With the polychromatic process, all the colors are painted on one screen and printed with one pull of a squeegee. One screen means fewer steps and also eliminates the concern about color registration, offering the artist more flexibility and spontaneity.

“My main concern is design. Leaves, flowers, and geometric designs appeal to my imagination which moves back and forth between these different motifs. Many designs are derived from small sketch notes I make of patterns or parts of designs on historical ceramics, metal, and textile artifacts. The challenge is turning sketches into designs that work within the format of a wall piece.”

Since first expanding the original monoprint concept, Joy Stocksdale has used this printing process to create garments and wallhangings which are exhibited and sold in galleries throughout the United States. Joy's pieces are currently on display in public buildings in San Rafael, California; Decatur, Georgia; and Washington D.C. In addition, she lectures extensively and teaches workshops on polychromatic printing and other textile arts. Joy is featured in the 2014/2015 winter issue of Fiber Art Now magazine.

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