Lidded Box Altered Form

Lidded Box Altered Form
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A functional piece of sculpture, this lidded box will forever be a conversation piece. Uniquely abstract and yet still not without the organic characteristics that are always found in John Glick's ceramics. This pottery has a brown glaze with specks, swirls and dashes of black, with a slightly pearlized, glossy finish.

14.75"l x 8"w x 1.5"h

Artist's Statement:

It is apparent to me that having fun is the key to staying connected to my work. Every year that passes, every kiln that is fired adds emphasis to this idea of the spirit-nourishing experience of being surprised at the unfolding of ideas. I go to the studio to see what I will do that day.

Shapes evolve guided by forces apparently outside my conscious control. This is instinct, intellect, and openness to change fusing into what I think is the most positive force behind any potter's approach: evolution or growth. Some call it inspiration.

I am attracted to both simplicity and complexity. My work reflects my re-examination of how these two opposites can coexist in a given series.