Green Pitcher with Small Black Triangles

Green Pitcher with Small Black Triangles
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This pitcher is a classic example of Jeff Oestreich's signature pottery shape. The handsome teal green base color is complimented by earthy natural clay color, which has a tiny black triangle pattern detail. His unique salt glazing and soda firing create a matte finish that is both beautiful and functional. Food safe.

12"l x 2.5"w x 10"h

Artist's Statement

My early pottery training at Leach Pottery in England was heavily influenced by Japanese pottery, due to the fact that Bernard spent many years making work in Japan. Although there are still the underpinnings of Asian influences in my work, that being simplicity, directness of approach, I am currently doing salt glazing, which has its origins in Germany. I have one foot in Japan, one in Germany, and an interest in Art Deco architecture. All things considered, my approach is American, borrowing from as many sources that speak to me.

I work under the umbrella of utilitarian pottery, exploring and rearranging the boundaries I have set up for what I believe constitutes function. My current work is thrown and altered, either by faceting, stretching, or cutting and rejoining. Being fond of glaze and not willing to give up this surface altogether, I play with the ratio of glaze to clay surface.