Teapot with Floating Leaves

Teapot with Floating Leaves
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Kazuko is well known for her unique shapes and whimsical hand painted decoration on her pottery. This handsomely narrow teapot is hand built and hand painted in green, blue and mustard, with a matte finish. The lid is removable. Although most pieces are functional and her finishes are food safe, this item is purely decorative.

9.5"l x 2.5"w x 12.5"h

Artist's Statement:

My work as a clay artist has evolved over 30+ years. My Japanese heritage and sensitivity provide important foundation for my work. Today, having lived in the United States for more than half my life, I find there is a broader fusion of the two cultures within my personal life and as an artist. America with her vast space and carefree atmosphere, has given me the sense of unbound freedom to explore and create. The way l Juxtapose patterns and forms, with or without colors, all converge—I hope—to create uniquely my own expression.