OK Brooch by Dave and Roberta Williamson

OK Brooch by Dave and Roberta Williamson
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Here is a great conversation piece, as all of the Williamson pieces are. This incredible sterling pin features a delightful combination of original hand crafted sterling, copper and also compelling, nostalgic vintage found art objects, which is the signature style of this renowned husband and wife artisan team.

The top portion of this pin is a vintage 10 cough lozenge tin framed by a detailed sterling branch framework spelling "OK". This is followed by what may be a bottle cap reading, "OK", and then a dime! All items are framed in had crafted sterling with interesting design details.

The eyeball is a "winky" graphic from a vintage 1950's post card, which appears to have movement. A great gift for an Oklahoma native!

sterling silver, copper, found objects

2.25" x 4.5"h