Insect with Flower Pin

Insect with Flower Pin
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An absolutely pleasing pin with a very playful form. Beautifully hand crafted from sterling, this beetle proudly supports a flower stem above its body. The air that surrounds the elements in this pin would allow for underlying fabric to show through. A great gift for a nature lover, a gardener, or anyone interested in the wonderment of bugs, beetles, scarabs and the like.


2.5"w x 2.25"h

Artist's Statement

Insects have been a longtime interest, and now I use their shapes in my jewelry. Beetles are little machines, complete with a specialized part that helps each carry out a life-sustaining task.

Making jewelry in a small scale gives the viewer insight to another world. Details are important to me. Nature is a recurrent theme in my work, important that we can reflect on it in a caring manner.

Working directly in the metal with simple hand tools. I also can form it with hydraulic pressure, allowing me to puff out and stretch the metal farther. Addition of semiprecious stones and beads adds color. I enjoy the versatility of a material that can be formed but also has resistance to hold its shape.


Insect Ring with Peridot by Peggy Johnson
A wonderful example of Peggy's playful sterling artistry. This insect ring features a slightly oxidized bug with nicely applied detail.

sterling, peridot

ring size: 8

insect: 1"l

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days
This item is currently unavailable.