Puffin Pin

Puffin Pin
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This puffin, as with all of Rachel Gehlhar's jewelry, can't help but bring a smile to all who see it. Rachel's light hearted spirit and fine craftsmanship is evident in this one of a kind pin.

sterling silver, fine silver, enamel over copper

1"w x 2.25h

Artist's Statement:

My jewelry is an effort to encapsulate movement. To this end, I tinker with a variety of visual devices. The most obvious of these is line; I have long been fascinated by the mood and energy that can be conveyed with a single stroke. My pieces are illustrative - usually inspired by animals - and outline plays an important role in my designs because it imbues each figure with a confident presence. Motion is also suggested through fragmentation of forms. I often portray my creatures in reassembled pieces; my imagery is intended as a glimpse of something alive. As an ardent vegetarian and animal rights proponent, it is important to me that my animals are presented as free and dignified, never contained. They are usually framed with geometric shapes, but incompletely. I do not presume to define animals; only to celebrate them.