"Water" Prayer Flag

"Water" Prayer Flag
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Handwoven tapestry
Wool, dyes
31" x 38"
Michael Rohde

Prayer Flag Series
Transformation is a word I would apply as the result of spending a month traveling amongst the nomads of rural Eastern Tibet. We visited nomad families, were there at the time of nomad and horse festivals and witnessed many village shaman ceremonies.

The old ways are rapidly changing, animal trails are being paved, grazing pastures being fenced, and houses are being built to settle the nomadic peoples.

Amongst all this, the prayer flags were still hung, so that they might blow in the wind, transmitting the blessing of the prayers printed on the insubstantial cloth.

Some of the prayer flags were rendered in the five color representing the five primary elements of their world view. Having hung these for the benefit of others, the cloth slowly disintegrates into fragments of the fibers from which they were made - a teaching on impermanence.

These tapestries pay tribute to all of that: one each rendered in the five colors and containing images of the stages of decay.