Katie Queen is traditionally trained in the ceramic arts. Although she embraces and honors the rich history of clay, Katie invents and pursue new approaches to the medium that tests the limits of the materials she uses, intentionally breaking craft rules. Her current work in clay is repetitive in construction, building small pieces to create a larger form. Methodically Katie strives to find balance between solid and stable, cumbersome and chaotic, using elements to construct a teetering or uncertainty that reflect the fragile existence between these two states. She explores opposing shapes that draw attention to the tension and negative space forged from parts of a whole. Each unit is conjoined to the larger structure creating an irregular or oscillating silhouette. By retelling her process over and over through the intrigue of rudimentary construction such as, wheel thrown vessels, coil, and pinching, Katie is reinforcing this fact: mundane fragments conjoined through a repetitive process can create an edifice.

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