Chandlyr Jackson is a Pattern Designer, Block Printer and Illustrator based in Portland, Maine. Her bold and vibrant collection of hand-printed kitchen textiles are created under her new home decor brand, Freckled Fuchsia. Her formal background comes from product design, which she studied at Wentworth Institute of Technology, in Boston, Massachusetts. Since then, she’s migrated between Graphic Design, Illustration and Print-Making, and always looking to learn and experiment with new mediums. Most recently, her favorite medium to work with is block printing, hand-carving unique and simple shapes to create full-coverage, maximalist patterns.

“Patterns are a reflection of, and a reaction to movement and unity”.

When we think about patterns, the first thing that often comes to our minds is a form of regular repetition, making it simpler to imagine how a piece will appear in the end. Instead of basing my pattern work off of ‘regular repetition’, I focused on how the compositions evoke movement, and how each one feels cohesive and unified through a thoughtfully considered balance of positive and negative space. During the process of block printing these patterns, my thoughts were focused around the phrase, “Allow your previous step to influence your next”. When creating these patterns, it was less about planning the final outcome, and more about reacting to each element of the pattern as I created it, one stamp at a time.


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