Artists Steve Ford and David Forlano began their artistic collaboration 22 years ago when they met in Rome, Italy during a year abroad program through Tyler School of Art. Immediately they were intrigued by some essential differences in their approach to painting.

David’s strength has always been to push color, pattern and surface in new directions, Steve is constantly fascinated by three-dimensional structures and how things fit together mechanically. Throughout their collaboration, they have often looked to nature for inspiration. In seed clusters, shell formations, and flower buds, there are carefully organized parts which are arranged beautifully and made up of numerous, seemingly identical, but unique units.

Many of their pieces are like a collection of fragments. At some point, the references subside a bit and allow the color, abstract patterns and form to lead them. The work feels complete to us when the balance of elements comes into focus in some unusual way. The viewer is free to gather his/her own impression of these suggested images.

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