“For many years, I worked as a production thrower. That time allowed me to develop and hone my throwing skills and eye for form. Since starting my own business in 1991, my work has evolved to include all aspects of the process; from design to the finished product.

I have chosen to work in porcelain because of it’s vitreous strength and the pure and neutral background that it gives my glazes.

Originally, I tested many types of glazes; from gas fired Song Dynasty inspired ware, to crystal glazes fired in a computer controlled electric kiln. This experimentation led me to develop the glazes that I am currently using. These glazes are a family of high-fired micro-crystalline glazes.

During the firing process, tiny crystals are formed in the glaze which refract light and create the iridescent quality of the surface. The process of glaze melt and crystal formation gives the glazes a dynamic dimension, which can look quite different under different lighting conditions.

In my work to develop these glazes, I have aimed to create something that will do more than simply cover the form. The surfaces that I find most appealing are those that invite your eye to take a closer look. I strive to achieve a balance between simplicity of form and richness of surface and to make something that can be appreciated over time through daily use.”

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