Karen McCreary is an artist who has been exhibiting her jewelry and sculpture extensively since her graduation from the School of Fine Arts at the California State University, Long Beach.

In early 1983, the artist started her own studio, bringing her extensive formal training and professional background in traditional jewelry techniques to the field of art to wear. Later, experimentation with various materials and techniques resulted in a decision to work with the multitude of plastics and precious and non-precious metals available in order to achieve designs complementary to the colors and textures of contemporary fashions. These materials also allowed her to produce imaginative, handcrafted designs that were accessible to a wide range of customers. Karen has exhibited her work in such shows as the American Crafts Council Craft Fairs and the Buyers Market of American Crafts since 1983. Her studio lines are carried throughout the United States as well as in galleries in Europe, Australia, and Japan.

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