My career with clay has been a relatively short one but the act of creating and capturing volume has been a long one- forty years- as an architectural designer. Through this profession I am able to answer my need to manipulate environments; working with clay addresses this need as well.

I hand build from slabs of porcelain clay. I create series of functional pieces: trays, ewers and vessels. Many of these pieces are comprised of two slabs of clay joined at the edges leaving a “pocket” of volume inside. I visualize the shapes in terms of elevations and edges. The “pocket” of volume contrasts with the sharp edges of the profile. I also create a series of wall pieces. Based on the image of a house, they are experiments in texture or are embellished with found items and pieces of metal. While some communicate a message others are merely a combination of items that appeal to me.

Function and form are paramount. My goal is that the shape can stand alone, decoration acting to strengthen the shape.

Some of these pieces employ the use of slip (liquid clay) in either black or white. Designs are created through different methods: sgrafitto, paper stencil, and texture. Pieces are twice fired using a clear matte glaze or left unglazed. All of the functional pieces are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

My work is not driven by a lofty spiritual or intellectual philosophy. I have lines and shapes constantly tumbling around in my head. Expressing them, whether it is in building or garden design or in pottery is something I need to do.

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