Ashley Kim’s formal education in ceramics includes a BFA from Utah State University and an MFA from Indiana University Bloomington. While her formal training has helped in shaping her as an artist, Kim’s commitment to the craft and love for the medium has grown over the years of working with clay.

Kim spends a lot of time in finishing; embellishing the surface is something that has become “fun” for her. Textures are directly applied using the tools and materials which she has acquired recently. Marks of stitches, patterns and zippers appear on her pots as if they are clothed. Layering of colors, using stains, slips and glazes, enhance the richness and depth that she is looking for, a challenge in the world of cone 6 oxidation.

Kim feels that pottery saturates our world, yet thoughtfully made functional pottery has the potential to enrich and elevate our daily domestic experience. Kim wants her work to play that role.
Settled in San Diego, she now enjoys the luxury of working at her home studio and tending her garden, her two infatuations at this moment.

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